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ReelArt Studios is a producer of top quality resin statues and busts, specializing in movie, pulp and comic book characters. Our focus is on creator-owned properties, bringing their characters into the third dimension. To accomplish that, we work with some of the top figure sculptors in the world, always seeking to bring you, — the collector — a little something different. Many of our products are licensed and what this means to you is that the trademark/copyright holder had to approve every phase of production. While this can be a daunting task for us, it assures you of a true work of art that not every Tom, Dick and Harry will own! First and foremost, we are fans and collectors serving you. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

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Michael Hudson
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A little about me…

I have been involved in the art world for the past 29 years. My first interest was in cartooning, having grown up on a steady diet of comic books and movies, but life has a funny way of throwing curve balls and since I couldn't be either one of my heroes, Wally Wood or Errol Flynn, I ended up somehow as an accomplished landscape and portrait painter. I never got over my love of comics, pulps and movies from the silents to the Bs and a few years ago found myself longing to be a part of that culture. Call it middle age crazy but here I am utilizing my business contacts, design skills and love for these forms of entertainment to pay homage to the characters and creators I admire. BTW, I still paint, sell prints and do gallery shows and such as time permits.

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